Property Portfolio

With a history of being trusted by owners to capture the best photography and film of their ultimate personal investment - a Superyacht - we have also been asked to do the same for their personal and commercial properties. Like their Superyachts, many of these properties are exclusively private.  Again like their Superyachts, some results we can share online, and some we can’t.  However the ability to consistently capture the beauty of their interior and exterior space as well as the finer details remains the same. 

The photography and film team at Breed Media led by Jeff Brown have an exceptional ability to identify and capture the essence and fine detail of interior spaces which is critical in showcasing interior design at the highest possible level
— Adam Lay, Interior Designer

London residential property

I strongly believe that the photography and film team at Breed Media lead by Jeff Brown has a great understanding of the interior spaces and details that need to be captured and always perform to the highest standards. Our whole team at RADYCA is looking forward to any future opportunity to have Breed Media shoot our next high-end residential and commercial projects.
— Ramon Alonso, Designer

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