PROJECT: Bannenberg & Rowell

CLIENT: Bannenberg & Rowell

BRIEF: To create a film that clearly communicated the culture and ethos of Bannenberg & Rowell. The film was to be something they could use as part of the pitch process.  ‘Human and humour’ were the words they gave us - the shortest brief we have ever received.

CHALLENGE: There were two challenges for us:

1) The main challenge lay in finding a style of filming that matched the personality of the business and complimented Dickie and Simon’s words. They are so eloquent that it was not difficult to get the right words out of them (although sometimes it was difficult getting short answers :-)).

2) There was also the challenge of balance. The film needed to communicate the heritage of the company and the fantastic foundation created by the late Jon Bannenberg balanced with how the company has evolved under the leadership of Dickie and Simon.

CREATIVE STRATEGY: We began by writing an interview that would shape the film and communicate some of the DNA of Bannenberg & Rowell.  Then we employed a style of filming that consisted of many handheld shots, some shifting focus, together with abstract shots to deliver a personal touch and communicate the studio’s creativity in a visual way. We also selected an edgy backing soundtrack to match and enhance the visuals.

At the start of the film we incorporated some old footage with a voice over by Jon Bannenberg, supplied by Dickie, to give a sense of the heritage of this studio. We then very quickly turned the focus to Simon, Dickie and the culture of the studio today.

OUTCOME: A 2.5 minute film that Bannenberg & Rowell have been using privately to promote their studio.

FEEDBACK FROM CLIENT: "We love the film the Breed guys made for us (apart from hearing the sound of our own voices). We were very keen to avoid corporate stuff and / or fake shots of people earnestly studying drawings and samples which can often be a default with these videos. Breed avoided all these traps and have made us something we are happy to show our clients." Dickie Bannenberg.


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