PROJECT: The St Barths Experience

CLIENT: St Barths Bucket Regatta

GOAL: To produce a film that will firstly help grow the St Barths Bucket further, and secondly help attract new people to the lifestyle only a superyacht can provide. 

OBJECTIVE 1: Illustrate how time spent in St Barths during the St Barths Bucket is not just about three days of epic superyacht racing. It is a unique lifestyle experience for participants, guests and visitors alike. 

OBJECTIVE 2: To create a digital marketing campaign so the film is viewed by the target market and the desired message is communicated. 

CHALLENGE: Sadly, Hurricane Irma created a number of logistical challenges for this shoot with many destinations not available for filming. 

CREATIVE STRATEGY: St Barths, during the Bucket Regatta, offers a multitude of experiences. From luxury fine dining, shopping and relaxed beaches, to more adventurous pursuits like quad biking and water sports through to racing and partying onboard superyachts. With the Bucket Regatta as a backdrop, we followed two women on different journeys of experiences to their ultimate rendezvous onboard a superyacht. 

OUTCOME: We produced a 2.5-minute hero film and customised shorter edits for specific social media channels and wider online promotion. The objective of the shorter edits is to introduce viewers to the St Barth’s experience and encourage them to view the longer film. Note: A future edition of RAWfile will discuss the results of the marketing campaign.


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