CLIENT: Burgess Yachts

BRIEF: This project was all about superyacht charter. We were asked to showcase the yacht for charter and illustrate the FLAG experience in an emotive way with both photos and film. The client said “We are trying to attract a rich, cool and young-ish crowd to FLAG so think luxury, relaxation, summer, sun, sea, wellbeing, healthy, good food, good wine, good times”

CREATIVE STRATEGY: We clearly had to work on a strategy that bought this yacht to life, full of action, people having a good time, and enjoying everything the yacht offers. At the same time we had to show the spaces guests can enjoy while onboard. For the film it was obvious the music was going to have to play a major part, something catchy with a bit of energy to carry the viewer on the right journey . A journey that needed to be uplifting, happy and communicate a sense of summer living, fun and good times.

CHALLENGES: No Models were to be used on the shoot. Normally crew and ‘rent a crowd’ on shoots don’t deliver what is needed for a professional outcome. Crewing a yacht is a skill all by itself, being in front of the camera and ‘acting’ is a totally different one. Fortunately the brief helped us overcome this problem because we were able to create a number of fun scenarios that were perfect for the crew to ‘model’. We also photographed the social scenes in away that placed little emphasis on the crew identities.

OUTCOME: The film is what stands out for us on this shoot and this is probably because film is the perfect medium to deliver the type of brief. The film combines so many fun and good times elements in to a packed few minutes and really nailed the brief for the client. The photos of course are great but when you really need to sell the emotion of summer fun nothing can quite beat like natural sounds, cool music, great shots and people having fun…

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