TITLE: “We want to charter the superyacht we have just built”

CLIENT: Golden Yachts

BRIEF: Golden Yachts have a pretty unique formula.  Not only do they build superyachts for sale, (aren’t they all) but, they have a clear mission of promoting them for charter via Atalanta Golden Yachts. So, unlike other builders, they knew they would need the film and photo resources to promote O’Ptasia in the competitive charter market for long after the shoot. This formed the essence of the brief – deliver us a lot of great technical and lifestyle media but wrap it all around an experience. 

CREATIVE STRATEGY: We realised the best way to meet the brief was to break the shoot down into scenes that can both stand alone or combine to form a complete story. To do this we specifically selected two models, who were friends with each other, so they would be 100% relaxed with the need to be flexible over the four-day shoot. We then concentrated on developing a full range of lifestyle and technical scenes. For the film, these scenes were to be linked through creative transitions inspired by the shoot.

CHALLENGES: As it turned out, the biggest challenge with this shoot was the rain and wind. It just goes to show that even in the Greek Islands nothing is certain. This really put pressure on everyone to deliver in the time we had available.  Fortunately, we had done the right planning pre-shoot and assembled the right team to make the shoot a success.

OUTCOME: Soon after the shoot the yacht and photos fought off the competition to hit the cover of Boat International and featured heavily inside, so we call that a result!  Since then we have gone on to supply the client a steady stream of custom edited photos and films to feed their social media machine. The great thing is, because we planned it right, there is still a large amount of content to come from this shoot.

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