OPINION: 5 benefits of using models

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Those who embark on superyacht photo and film shoots will find themselves evaluating the use of models. Here we look at the top five benefits.


1.    Bring a yacht to life and engage the viewer

Thanks to their design and craftmanship, film and photography of a superyacht is impressive even without models. But, when you add models you not only capture the beauty of the yacht you also bring it to life. A life the viewer can begin to see themselves as part of. What’s more, if the models have been carefully selected to identify with the target market demographics then the viewer begins to engage their imagination even more and starts to live the experience. This engagement can be a powerful tool in helping achieve your marketing goals.   


2.    Broaden the message and deliver a higher value proposition

You are selling both a beautifully designed yacht, and also the lifestyle. Both of these elements affect the purchasing decision. By adding models to a shoot, you are combining each element and appealing to the audience on multiple levels, this delivers a much stronger value proposition to your target market.

Models also allow you to capture the attention of a wider audience. Some audiences are more captivated by the yacht design, some by the lifestyle and some by both. 


3.    Gain more media exposure

Good quality superyacht photo and film content are always in high demand by the media especially by the ‘all you can eat’social media channels. Lifestyle images and film featuring professional models will increase your chances of being featured because the content appeals to a wider audience. Perhaps more importantly, it provides you opportunities to gain exposure to new markets via luxury lifestyle media and social channels with their millions of followers.

You can also benefit from exposure by suppliers. organisations and trade events who often require media with models to promote both their product and the superyacht lifestyle. Many such companies will ask permission to use your media content for this purpose and credit you as well. This again increases the promotion of your brand.


4.    Trigger an emotional response

The use of models always engages an emotional response from the audience. We are emotional beings and use both rational and emotional thinking during the purchase decision making process. The superyacht purchase or charter is especially driven by emotion so the more you connect with your market on an emotional level the higher the chance they will contact you.  


5.    Use storytelling to cut through the marketing clutter

The use of models can go further than simply bringing life to a yacht and brand. It can also create the opportunity for storytelling. Storytelling has become one of the most effective way to cut through the marketing clutter, communicate you brand story and differentiate yourself from your competitors. When your brand story is about people and the way your brand and product deliver what they are looking for, then the use of models will introduce a strong engaging element that strengthens the message through human connection. 


Ultimately whether you choose to incorporate models on a superyacht film and photo shoot comes down to: 

1.     What is the aim of the content you are creating and does the use of models benefit the overall goal of this marketing material? 

2.     Is the use of models likely to bring a significant, and therefore justifiable, return on investment? 

We hope the above benefits help you to answer these questions.



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