PROJECT: Millennium Cup Regatta


CLIENT: New Zealand Millennium Cup Regatta 2019

Ok, so this event may currently be the smallest superyacht regatta around but heck it definitely punches above its weight when it comes to relaxation, fun, and destination magic.  What’s more, with the America’s Cup, taking place in NZ early 2021, this regatta is going to be the one you have to be at.  I guess coming from New Zealand we are little biased but, having also regularly been to every other superyacht regatta over the last 15 years, we have earned the right to an opinion.

We cut our teeth at this regatta back in 2003 and have been shooting it ever since. Now as Silver Sponsors we continue to make this a permanent fixture in our shooting calendar.  When it comes to shooting a regatta the greatest challenge, and yet also the greatest buzz, is how nothing can be planned.  You have to roll with what’s in front of you, then use your wits, and your experience, to put yourself in the best possible position to get the perfect shot.  Unlike brand shoots or yacht shoots there is no script or shoot list.  Whether it’s from a helicopter, a rib, on-board or on land, you have to make it work and we love it.

Enjoy this collection of images from earlier this year. If you would like any then check out our media bank at: www.breedmediabank.com/-/galleries/regatta/2019-millennium-cup where they are available with a 30% discount for a limited time.

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CLIENT: Various

BRIEF: The owners brief was ‘Build me a Beast’, a high-performance sailing yacht. This was then skilfully interpreted by the designer, the late Ed Dubois, and the builder Royal Huisman. Sails and uniform were supplied by North Sails. The result is Ngoni not only makes a statement in looks, but also in performance.  We needed to convey both of these attributes in the film and photos produced.

CHALLENGE: Shooting for a number of clients we needed to find a balance with their individual requests and the reality of only being able to shoot the yacht once. Coming in at a length of 58m another of the challenges was to create a sense of scale and performance. So, it was going to be important to include crew on deck while sailing at speed.


Photography: We captured the reflective surfaces in the hull, the symmetrical lines and glass of the superstructure to really showcase the ergonomic nature of the yacht.

Film: We needed to create a contrast between a luxurious yacht and a sailing beast. To do this the film begins by approaching the yacht in the calm of early morning and takes the viewer on a relaxed journey through the yacht. We then make a fast-paced transition across the water to the yacht under sail in all her glory. When the yacht is in full frame the crew come in to shot and the viewer gets a sense of her magnificence. A highlight being when a crew member scales the 71m mast to stand on the top creating a real sense that this yacht is not for the faint hearted.

OUTCOME:  550+photos, 1 Yacht film and edits including 2 social films and one for awards. 20+ articles have been published using the photos, including Robb Report, Elite Traveller and Forbes.com.

SPECIAL NOTE: Although the sailing yacht market has retracted in recent years, photos and films of sailing yachts generate a disproportionate amount of interest.  Our work for Ngoni was no exception with the films achieving more than 100,000 views.


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PROJECT: Bannenberg & Rowell

CLIENT: Bannenberg & Rowell

BRIEF: To create a film that clearly communicated the culture and ethos of Bannenberg & Rowell. The film was to be something they could use as part of the pitch process.  ‘Human and humour’ were the words they gave us - the shortest brief we have ever received.

CHALLENGE: There were two challenges for us:

1) The main challenge lay in finding a style of filming that matched the personality of the business and complimented Dickie and Simon’s words. They are so eloquent that it was not difficult to get the right words out of them (although sometimes it was difficult getting short answers :-)).

2) There was also the challenge of balance. The film needed to communicate the heritage of the company and the fantastic foundation created by the late Jon Bannenberg balanced with how the company has evolved under the leadership of Dickie and Simon.

CREATIVE STRATEGY: We began by writing an interview that would shape the film and communicate some of the DNA of Bannenberg & Rowell.  Then we employed a style of filming that consisted of many handheld shots, some shifting focus, together with abstract shots to deliver a personal touch and communicate the studio’s creativity in a visual way. We also selected an edgy backing soundtrack to match and enhance the visuals.

At the start of the film we incorporated some old footage with a voice over by Jon Bannenberg, supplied by Dickie, to give a sense of the heritage of this studio. We then very quickly turned the focus to Simon, Dickie and the culture of the studio today.

OUTCOME: A 2.5 minute film that Bannenberg & Rowell have been using privately to promote their studio.

FEEDBACK FROM CLIENT: "We love the film the Breed guys made for us (apart from hearing the sound of our own voices). We were very keen to avoid corporate stuff and / or fake shots of people earnestly studying drawings and samples which can often be a default with these videos. Breed avoided all these traps and have made us something we are happy to show our clients." Dickie Bannenberg.


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PROJECT: The St Barths Experience

CLIENT: St Barths Bucket Regatta

GOAL: To produce a film that will firstly help grow the St Barths Bucket further, and secondly help attract new people to the lifestyle only a superyacht can provide. 

OBJECTIVE 1: Illustrate how time spent in St Barths during the St Barths Bucket is not just about three days of epic superyacht racing. It is a unique lifestyle experience for participants, guests and visitors alike. 

OBJECTIVE 2: To create a digital marketing campaign so the film is viewed by the target market and the desired message is communicated. 

CHALLENGE: Sadly, Hurricane Irma created a number of logistical challenges for this shoot with many destinations not available for filming. 

CREATIVE STRATEGY: St Barths, during the Bucket Regatta, offers a multitude of experiences. From luxury fine dining, shopping and relaxed beaches, to more adventurous pursuits like quad biking and water sports through to racing and partying onboard superyachts. With the Bucket Regatta as a backdrop, we followed two women on different journeys of experiences to their ultimate rendezvous onboard a superyacht. 

OUTCOME: We produced a 2.5-minute hero film and customised shorter edits for specific social media channels and wider online promotion. The objective of the shorter edits is to introduce viewers to the St Barth’s experience and encourage them to view the longer film. Note: A future edition of RAWfile will discuss the results of the marketing campaign.


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PROJECT: Cyclone

CLIENT: Tansu Yachts

BRIEF: The aim of this project was to create film and photographic content to support the clients campaign of promoting the Tansu Yacht brand to the emerging millennial market.  

CHALLENGE: The weather was by far the biggest challenge of this shoot. Cloudy skies, rain and rough seas limited the shooting dramatically. 

CREATIVE STRATEGY:  To appeal to the millennial market we chose an edgier style of music. We also created a brand association by incorporating a customised Land Rover Defender from Ares Design. When these elements are combined together with the iconic Tansu Yacht the film takes on a youthful,  adventurous edge.   

OUTCOME:  A film with a captivating start drawing the audience into a journey to the yacht then continues onboard and from the air. Along with the film we also supplied over 600 photos. This shoot was featured by Boat International on their July cover and we hope to see it featured on other covers soon. 


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PROJECT: Khalilah - Be Legendary

CLIENT: Camper & Nicholsons International

BRIEF: To create a film showcasing the unique superyacht lifestyle for an owner or a charter guest. To concentrate less on the actual yacht, and emphasise that life aboard is fun and relaxing. A place where guests can chill out in a unique environment. 

CHALLENGE: The biggest challenge was to achieve the brief with only one model. We also wanted to move away from the often static use of a single person onboard.

CREATIVE STRATEGYTo overcome the challenge we focused on two elements. One: the music. We chose a powerful track that is unconventional for this industry. It commands attention. Two: we had the model work with the camera as if she was looking at another guest, and enjoying the company. The viewers feel involved in the film, like they are present with her. This instantly helps engage the audience. 

OUTCOME: Film: A flirty and fun film that appeals to the lifestyle of being aboard a superyacht. For our client this film is a great success with over 100,000 views across four social media channels and the website within the first month. Photos: Over 300 lifestyle photos were produced for the client. These are being used throughout their communication strategy.  

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