sailing yacht


CLIENT: Various

BRIEF: The owners brief was ‘Build me a Beast’, a high-performance sailing yacht. This was then skilfully interpreted by the designer, the late Ed Dubois, and the builder Royal Huisman. Sails and uniform were supplied by North Sails. The result is Ngoni not only makes a statement in looks, but also in performance.  We needed to convey both of these attributes in the film and photos produced.

CHALLENGE: Shooting for a number of clients we needed to find a balance with their individual requests and the reality of only being able to shoot the yacht once. Coming in at a length of 58m another of the challenges was to create a sense of scale and performance. So, it was going to be important to include crew on deck while sailing at speed.


Photography: We captured the reflective surfaces in the hull, the symmetrical lines and glass of the superstructure to really showcase the ergonomic nature of the yacht.

Film: We needed to create a contrast between a luxurious yacht and a sailing beast. To do this the film begins by approaching the yacht in the calm of early morning and takes the viewer on a relaxed journey through the yacht. We then make a fast-paced transition across the water to the yacht under sail in all her glory. When the yacht is in full frame the crew come in to shot and the viewer gets a sense of her magnificence. A highlight being when a crew member scales the 71m mast to stand on the top creating a real sense that this yacht is not for the faint hearted.

OUTCOME:  550+photos, 1 Yacht film and edits including 2 social films and one for awards. 20+ articles have been published using the photos, including Robb Report, Elite Traveller and

SPECIAL NOTE: Although the sailing yacht market has retracted in recent years, photos and films of sailing yachts generate a disproportionate amount of interest.  Our work for Ngoni was no exception with the films achieving more than 100,000 views.


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