This page is meant to tell you all about us, and how you will benefit from what we do.  Like anyone who tries to write an ‘About Us” page it’s not easy.  The conventional approach is to concentrate on the benefits you are providing, “think about your clients not you” they say, or “people won’t read it they will just check you out on Instagram”

We could start with something like “We are a unique full-service creative and marketing agency operating within the superyacht and luxury markets” and then go on to describe our services, our history, our attitude and how we are going to help you like everyone else does.

The truth is if you have come to this page you will either already know a little about us or you are already looking for what we do.  All you want to do is confirm your thoughts, see what we have done for others and see if it’s worth contacting us.

Well now that you are here, take a look around if you like what you see and think we can help give us a call or send us an email to find out…

If we had to say one thing that you can’t find elsewhere on this site it would be this…. At the heart of our business is a desire to build relationships with great people, have fun along the way and create the very best. If we get this bit right the rest is relatively easy.  Located in London and working globally, our team, of mostly New Zealanders, has DNA that is proudly Kiwi.

Like our motto “Kiwis can fly”

Contact info:

Robert Gleed
Founder & Director

+44 (0) 7432 082941

Oh, if you really want to read the official version of this page, read on….


We are a unique full-service creative and marketing agency operating within the superyacht and luxury markets.  We live in a world with an insatiable appetite for media content and that is what we create; photos, films and stories.

The business was founded by Robert Gleed and Jeff Brown. Since entering the superyacht industry in 2003, Jeff has become one of the industry’s most successful photographers and film directors and Robert one of the industry’s most knowledgeable and astute marketing professionals. 

Central to the company’s ability to deliver real benefits to its clients is an experienced in-house team of strategists, designers, photographers, cameramen and communication professionals.  The result is a true media and marketing powerhouse that combines knowledge and relationships, with photography, film, print, web, design and marketing services to clients.