Jeff has been working in photography and design for over 15 years, and first applied his photographic and film making skills to the superyacht industry in 2003. He quickly established himself as one of the leading photographers and creative directors in the global superyacht market.

With over one hundred magazine covers since 2010, his photographic success is a clear result of his creative knowledge and ability to see what others don’t.

Unlike many photographers his background is in design, which allows him to see the bigger picture and interpret a clients wishes different to most. He has a calm and relaxed manner and approaches each and every project with an enthusiasm that is evident throughout his work, be it photography, film or design.


Tim is another Kiwi in the team. He has a Bachelor of Law, a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Major), as well as a forklift license for good measure. Tim has been immersed in the superyacht industry for the last five years and has invaluable experience and understanding of the industry and associated luxury categories. An integral part of the team, Tim is involved in everything from creative strategy and development right through to media production. 

Tim works closely with clients to understand both their business and marketing needs, working in a highly collaborative way to match client requirements with original creative solutions.


Breed Media has a family flavour with David Brown (brother of Jeff) taking on the role of the Creative Designer. Both brothers have inherited a deep-seated creativity which Breed Media is fortunate to be able to draw from. 

Having over 15 years experience in creative design, David's wealth of knowledge sets him apart. David has worked with Jeff and Robert for the last seven years, and together they have produced some exceptionally innovative media. 

Breed Media is very lucky to have such a creative mind in the team. 


Josh has been working in the creative industry since 2012 when he graduated in Commercial Photography, from the Arts University Bournemouth.

Having spent his time working within the teams at some of the top UK photographic studios, he brings industry leading knowledge of the process involved for producing high-end creative advertising content. Whether it be out shooting on location, or in post-production at the studio.

His passion for capturing unique spaces and subjects has led him to capture a wide range of photography from luxury residential interiors to the Himalayas during a self guided trek to Everest base camp.


With a marketing background and over 20 years of managing media companies, Robert is able to maximize the ample opportunities that media can provide to clients. His experience also brings genuine peace of mind to the process.

He has an innate interest in people, their businesses and the challenges that they face, resulting in long standing relationships with many of the biggest and best in the industry. In the creation of Breed Media, Robert's passion for exploring new opportunities, whether they are with existing clients or in new markets, allows him to leverage the power of communications for innovative luxury brands. From superyachts and their builders, to villas and automobiles, the campaigns he creates shape a lasting impression.

Working together with Jeff for over 14 years, they make a great team and their long standing friendship is evident in their work.


Ben has been working with the Breed Media team ever since he completed his Television Production degree at Bournemouth University in 2013. Being experienced in both shooting and editing video as well as many other aspects of production, he is able to see projects through from conception to delivery, lending a creative consistency to each film. His affinity for music allows him to select soundtracks which complement and enhance the visuals to create powerful motion pictures.

Outside of work, Ben is a qualified snowboard instructor, unqualified drummer, and hopeless petrolhead.



Roxanne has vast industry experience with design, build, brokerage, yacht management and the supply chain. Having managed the PR and Marketing requirements for numerous leading brands within the superyacht industry since 2010, her market knowledge gives her a unique insight into brand positioning, allowing her to formulate and implement effective strategies tailored to each client.

Her high number of industry contacts provides her with multiple communication channels throughout the industry and her respected name ensures her communication is always well received. Small in stature, but large in presence, Roxanne always ensures the right message is heard by the target audience.

In recent years, Roxanne has also been a familiar figure at superyacht regattas, joining a large sailing superyacht as part of the race crew and representing companies sponsoring such events.



Graduating with a photography degree in 2003 Mark has built up an impressive portfolio of yachts, architecture, interiors, lifestyle and products.

He has been working with Breed Media founders, Robert and Jeff, since 2008 and been photographing superyachts, under the guidance of Jeff, since 2012. He is now an extremely valuable part of our shoot team. 

He has a passion for the outdoors and in his spare time he can be found flying downhill on his mountain bike at speeds his two young daughters would not be happy about.