CLIENT: Heesen Yachts

BRIEF: To photograph and film the yacht Home for Heesen Yachts highlighting the near-silence owners can enjoy onboard when underway. Home has the capacity to sail in different modes. One is hybrid mode. For this power is derived purely from the yachts’ e-motors and generators. Hybrid Mode is beautifully silent, with maximum noise levels in the owner’s stateroom reaching just 46 dB(A) – the sound of softly falling rain.

CHALLENGES: The two most significant challenges with this shoot were

a.     Finding out two days before the shoot the yacht would only be able to leave the dock once and only stay out long enough to complete the aerials.

b.     Coming up with a new creative strategy within two days that still met the brief.

CREATIVE STRATEGY: Sitting in a local coffee hangout we had a brain storm with the client about how to work with the new challenges we faced. We found out that the client had a connection to a local Ducati motorcycle rider and the whole concept grew from that single spark.  What was even better, the rider was a woman. This presented us with an opportunity to show a strong, independent woman in control of her life as a superyacht owner.

We would follow her journey from a helicopter to a motorbike, through the city to the yacht. The idea being to show the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city and the silence of the yacht.  When she steps aboard she transitions to a life filled with a calmness and tranquillity only possible on her Heesen.

The soundtrack was a key component of this film. We worked to record and add city noises into the beginning of the film – the sound of the helicopter, motorbikes, cars and sirens of the city. Once the woman is on board the yacht and the doors close behind her the soundtrack transitions from rock music and sounds of the city to classical music and natural sounds of the water and birds.


250+photos, 2.5 minute film & 1 social film


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