OPINION: 5 steps to an effective film production

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5 steps to an effective film production

Here are a few elements worth considering for those who may have limited experience with film projects.

Set your goals and provide a good brief

The biggest gift you can give to a production team is a solid brief. You can work with them to develop one if you need guidance. As long as the brief is set before production starts you give yourself the best opportunity to get the film that you would like, at the budget you would like.

Choose your production team carefully

Employ the right team for the job. Check their previous work, especially the work they have produced to a similar budget as yours. Most importantly, make sure the team understand your industry and your audience, so they can fully grasp the strategy and outputs required to achieve the desired results. If you simply employ a camera operator, you may have a lovely looking film, but it may not speak to your audience, which will reduce your return on investment.

Realise you are part of the team

From pre-production through to post-production, you are a valuable film team member and need to act like one. The production team will require your assistance throughout the process, including the prompt supply of resources such as logos, on location insight and prompt/thorough feedback during post production. Delays in any part of this can increase the cost.

Evaluate expenses in light of their benefit

Big decision such as whether to incorporate models need solid consideration. You may be instantly put off by the cost, but when you evaluate the benefits, especially the return on investment, then you put yourself in the best position to make a decision that fits your desired goals.

Be bold were it is needed

Some films may simply be educational and have less need to stand out, so set an appropriate budget for this. Generally, companies in the superyacht industry benefit from being bold. We operate in an increasingly clustered market with thousands of yachts that perform the majority of the same functions. Superiorly creative and bold film concepts will ensure you create more awareness than your competitors. More work on a creative strategy and dynamic film ideas can increase the budget but also deliver best investment return in both brand positioning and awareness.

Our final piece of advice is to make sure you enjoy the process; film projects should be fun. We hope the above helps. We wish you the best for your future film projects and please don’t hesitate to call us if you think we can assist.

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