OPINION:  Superyacht Marketing – the disconnect

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 Superyacht Marketing – the disconnect
By Robert Gleed

As creators of photo and film lifestyle content for the superyacht industry we are always discussing with clients the stories they want to tell. Virtually all are stories about families, couples, and friends, enjoying the superyacht life - often without a bikini in sight. 

Recent industry conversations I have been part of seem to paint a different picture. Some say the stories we (as an industry) communicate focus too much on bikinis and people of unattainable beauty. They say this helps fuel a negative image and a barrier to entry by potential owners, charterers or brand partners.

Sure some stories include people swimming and enjoying the spa but what do you expect - it’s a yacht, it’s in the sun, at sea and it has a pool so of course people will sunbathe and get wet, but this does not go hand in hand with a negative image. 

I think the real problem lies with the disconnect between the stories that are actually being created and the communication of them to potential markets. Bridging this gap often falls at the feet of those commissioning the film and photo shoots and most do a great job of spreading the right message. But it’s a mistake to think we can rely on this small group to do all the grunt work for the entire industry.

So, to those who seem happy to do nothing but sit back and express frustration think about how you can help, even in a small way. Maybe look at co-productions, shared campaigns and other initiatives like Superyacht Life because there are already great stories being created, we just need to work together to make sure they are told to the right people.

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