PROJECT: Radyca Brand Film

CLIENT: RADYCA Design - Miami. The only US designer to be featured in the Boat International 2019 Interiors book.

BRIEF: Hot on the heels of just completing the interior designs of the Heesen built Laurentia and the Benetti built Botti, designer Ramon Alonso knew he had to keep the momentum moving forward for his company RADYCA.  It turned out that RADYCA does more than ‘just’ superyachts. Ramon and his team have completed many land-based projects including apartment buildings, offices and cinemas.  So, with content from two yacht shoots in our back pockets we headed to Miami to shoot the complete RADYCA story.

CREATIVE STRATEGY: Upon meeting Ramon we soon realised his own story needed to form the basis of the creative strategy. So, we worked with him to develop and range of topics that he could sit and discuss with us while the cameras rolled. These topics and his views then drove what else we needed to capture to complete the big picture. Ramon’s team also became central to the story as it was clear his business culture is a great point of difference. 

CHALLENGES: The sweat on Ramon’s brow as he was put on the spot to talk about himself and his business was the biggest challenge ;-) ….  Whilst many on social media seem to love nothing but talking about themselves, it’s definitely not easy. Making the interviewee feel at ease and natural is by far the single biggest challenge when it comes to projects like this.

RESULTS: Two things helped us overcome the challenge of Ramon’s brow – a genuine interest in him and his business plus making the whole filming process fun and relaxed.  We often find possessing these abilities will ensure the results begin to flow.  What was more important in this case was the culture at RADYCA was clearly fun and relaxed, so we needed to convey that in the film.

OUTCOME: We produced a main film and some shorter versions for social media. By pulling in key content to support Ramon’s words the films guide the viewer through the story of his business. We hope you enjoy it.

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