OPINION: The Humble Photoshoot

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Fast forward from 2003 to 2019 - Client education is really the biggest challenge.

The superyacht marketing and media landscapes have changed significantly over the years and no better example of this is the humble photoshoot. The demand for content to satisfy the needs of the ever-hungry media machines and channels has created a demanding environment for all involved.

The 2003 Superyacht Shoot…The boat is 45m you have 3 days and I need photos of the guest areas, decks, aerials, and the boat at anchor and I need the results in a week

The 2019 Superyacht Shoot…The boat is 90m You have 3 days and I need photos and video of the guest areas, decks, aerials, the boat at anchor, underwater shots, all the toys and slides, drone shots, full lifestyle story with a family of six including some with a car or jet, a collection of photos and short films specifically for social media, oh and while you are at it can you take a few of the engine room and some crew profiles.. and I need the results in a week.

Second to actually securing shoot dates, satisfying all the demands is one of the single biggest challenges when it comes to ’The Shoot’ element of any superyacht marketing strategy.

To achieve the results demanded, client education is critical. It's always nice when our clients realise the risks associated with the ’I need everything’ approach and work with us to develop a strategy that identifies the deal breakers and works for all. Because the risk is with so many objectives in play none of them will be achieved 100%. Once a client understands this, timely planning becomes the next objective…more to come…