PROJECT: Moonen Yachts

CLIENT: Moonen Yachts

BRIEF: Create a film to support the launch of a new phase in the Moonen brand development. This new phase shifts their marketing focus towards the demographic defined by the ‘Modern Gentleman and Woman’. This target market is younger than their traditional market.

CREATIVE STRATEGY:  Traditionally, superyacht builders tend to focus their brand films on who they are, what they do, why they do it, their yachts, their people, their skills and how all of these benefit potential clients.  In keeping with Moonen’s change of focus, away from their traditional market, we suggested a departure from the traditional superyacht builder brand film. Something that doesn’t focus on yachts and shipyards. With this in mind, the concept of family separation ending in the one perfect place – a Moonen yacht – came to mind.  The separation would come to life through two different journeys.  Each journey would allow Moonen to associate their brand with the target profiles – a successful, self-made couple with a keen sense of style who appreciate the qualities that come with a Dutch built yacht. A couple who value their time together as a family, above all else, and how their Moonen yacht simply fits the life they want.

CHALLENGES: Like many projects, the creative idea sounded simple but, like many, the execution was not without its challenges – time, budget and resources were all stretched to the max on this one.  For the idea to really work we needed two different starting locations, plus they needed to identify with the target market.  We also wanted to use different forms of transport and brands to associate complementary brand values, and perceptions, to help illustrate the world Moonen yachts and their owners live in.

THE RESULT:  London was selected as one starting point to illustrate the separated, busy and hectic life of a successful international businessman.  A family villa in the French countryside was used to illustrate a quiet family base.  The separation depicts the life of many in today’s world.  The story develops to leave this life behind and to be together as a family, because this is more important, above all else.  The journey ends showing how it’s their Moonen Yacht that is the one place in their life they choose for this special reunion.

THE OUTCOME: A 2min 30sec film supported by two shorter versions for social media use and a collection of photo images to support the strategy.

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