PROJECT: Millennium Cup Regatta


CLIENT: New Zealand Millennium Cup Regatta 2019

Ok, so this event may currently be the smallest superyacht regatta around but heck it definitely punches above its weight when it comes to relaxation, fun, and destination magic.  What’s more, with the America’s Cup, taking place in NZ early 2021, this regatta is going to be the one you have to be at.  I guess coming from New Zealand we are little biased but, having also regularly been to every other superyacht regatta over the last 15 years, we have earned the right to an opinion.

We cut our teeth at this regatta back in 2003 and have been shooting it ever since. Now as Silver Sponsors we continue to make this a permanent fixture in our shooting calendar.  When it comes to shooting a regatta the greatest challenge, and yet also the greatest buzz, is how nothing can be planned.  You have to roll with what’s in front of you, then use your wits, and your experience, to put yourself in the best possible position to get the perfect shot.  Unlike brand shoots or yacht shoots there is no script or shoot list.  Whether it’s from a helicopter, a rib, on-board or on land, you have to make it work and we love it.

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